About Us

Embrap Praxis, forty-one years giving value to what is yours.

In the interest of meeting quickly and efficiently, only to banks, financial institutions and insurance companies in their needs assessment in the area of collateral, was established in 1998 to PRAXIS Asset Valuation and the end of 1999 both arms joined together under the name we currently have.

Today, EMBRAP PRAXIS has teams prepared for service throughout Brazil having as goal the independence of our reports and fulfill the responsibility to assign fair value (fair value) to equity analysis. For this are followed a number of technical factors added to the seriousness and expertise of our professionals.

The valuation of assets is performed by qualified professionals with long experience in the assessment area through different methods evidentiary after globalized market research with the issuance of reports within the specific rules of ABNT and IBAPE, which may have specific purposes such as: adaptation to IFRS, compliance with Law 11,638, insurance, mergers / demergers / takeovers, share issue (OPA), financing, purchase and sale, an impairment test, life, economic value, brands, patents, among others.

Our services include consulting, Audit and Measurement Construction, property valuation, machinery, equipment and industrial installations, naval and the immense range of items comprising the Assets of businesses, whether tangible or intangible in order to provide advice to Departments of Finance and Asset Control.